RADIX Powered Games,
Empowered by Radi.gs

Where Radix is the game changer for building DeFi,
Radi.gs changes gaming to thrive on the Radix network.

The Radically Different Gaming Syndicate (RaDi.GS) consists of gaming and Radix enthusiasts, aiming to change how games can thrive on the network by utilising Radix‘ superior DeFi capabilities.

I don’t like to be called ,self-made‘, because none of us is ,self-made‘.
Everyone who is successful received help.
Once you realise that you open up to help others on their way, too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, at Bits & Pretzels Opening 2022

RaDi.GS is all about collaboration, knowledge sharing and continuous learning.
We aim to enhance existing approaches and best practices to build great dApps more efficient, with higher quality and develop new approaches to community centric games within the Radix ecosystem.
Let’s make web3 games more accessible to a broader audience, from developers to artists and from casual to pro players alike!

Community centric

The Radix community crafted an unprecedented ecosystem of projects, allowing business opportunities even before the release of smart contracts.
RaDi.GS is looking to join the network by building and supporting projects that honor and reward active users and developers.

Smart and Intuitive

Historically, monetization of games primarily benefitted publishers and larger game studios. While that changed with the rise of e-sports and sponsoring for ie. successful streaming channels, still only very few players can actually make use of that.
RaDi.GS projects aim to level the playing field to allow casual and pro players to benefit alike.

Transparent & safe

Any project we start or support has to prove its relevance and community/ user benefit.
Decentralisation and Zero Trust approach in its technology part does not equal „uncertainty“ for a project itself when implemented with best practices in mind.


Master of Desaster

TobiProjects: Battle Cards Online, RadiPux

Boss Technology Nerd

FlorianProjects: Battle Cards Online, RadiPux

Chief Food Processor

KarlProject: Eat, Sleep, Repeat


MarcoProjects: Ociswap, Battle Cards Online

Goblet of Imagination

合lexProjects: Dogecube, Battle Cards Online

Code Sourcer Supreme

FreddyProjects: Farbo’s World & Farbo’s Party, Battle Cards Online


RadiPux started as a little side project to help Tobi’s kids to understand the mechanics of building those famous „10k-non-fungible-something-somethings“. Based on their grumpy family pug „Karl“, the Pux Collection turned out quite funny, so why not bring them to life!?
The RadiPux will launch for RaDi.GS and its token will be the „Super Early Bird Investor NFT“ for Battle Cards Online, an upcoming Radix-powered Trading & Battle Card Game, and will grant exclusive benefits to HODLers.

For years, even established TCGs were looking to build digital versions of their games with mostly lackluster results in gameplay and/ or community acceptance.
Not bound by or tied to legacy game or business models, Battle Cards Online aims to become the first community centric, Radix powered Trading & Battle Card game.
BCO’s ecosystem will empower players to battle other users, buy and trade cards, invest in battle arenas, and even participate in creating (and earning from!) artworks in BCO’s card series.

Yes, RaDi.GS is a project by itself. It can best be seen as an umbrella organisation and its mission is nothing less than stellar:
Initially leveraging knowledge, networks and resources internally to optimize project development and quality, RaDi.GS looks to evolve from a discussion and focus group into a valuable network of experts & enthusiasts, native to the Radix network.